Ways in Which Keegan Real Irish Pub Differ From Conventional Pubs.

Once in awhile, everyone needs some time off and a night out drinking with families, workmates and friends. Drinking in Ireland is considered a ritualistic alternative to real life and not a past convivial time. The drinking patterns have their roots in ancient history, whereby, drinking to intoxication was used to make a difference between life and death. Additionally, Irish drinking habits are explained as an experience of spiritual placebo as well as a fumble for eternity. Keegan Real Irish Pub gives the ultimate Irish experience, hard to find elsewhere.

The Irish beverages

Most of the Irish-American pubs are widely regarded as places of Irish culture and cuisines. With some of the world leading brands claiming Irish origin, the club offers a broad range of Irish whiskeys, wines, and beer. The most common are Bailey’s, Jameson and the famous Guinness stout that you cannot miss on your visit.

Welcoming Atmosphere

The most important culture that defines an authentic Irish Pub is a low-key, warm and inviting atmosphere. The bartenders are friendly and even engage in life decision talks with a few people at the bar when they get a slight chance. Sometimes, an Irish pub would feel like your standard living room as there is no judgment and no discrimination. You will also experience the occasional song, band or local entertainment, giving you a chance to lay back and relax.

Irish decoration and furniture

The easiest way to identify an Irish pub from inside is through the traditional decorations and Irish furniture. Most of the drawings on the wall must have an Irish meaning. The most common furniture design was the circular stools and tables. Keegan Real Irish Pub has merged the Irish heritage with the modern features that creates a modern Irish environment. On your entrance, all the characteristics, and the band is set to make you feel Irish during your stay.


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