Top Reasons to try a Pub Crawl

You may have heard the term pub crawl when visiting large cities in the United States, but have no idea what the word means or why you should try it. A pub crawl is when a group of individuals visit pub after pub, enjoying new foods and drinks from the menu. Friends often create pub crawls on their own or take part in one scheduled by particular companies or businesses. You never know what type of pub crawl you will find when visiting a new city.

Themed Pub Crawl

Perhaps one of the most fun ways to enjoy a pub crawl is when there is a theme. From zombie crawls to ghost tours, you will find pub crawls are offered in a variety of ways. When there is a theme, you get to dress up and have fun with friends and family. Try interesting drinks created based on the theme as well as different foods when available.

Trying New Things

The point of a pub crawl is to try new things. You get to see how different bars and pubs are, what they offer and how much fun you could have just visiting. Most people stick to one or two bars they like. Why not try a crawl to find new places to visit? The menu for food and drink will vary from place to place, allowing you to try something new at each stop.

Authentic Pub Experience

A pub is a sort of hole in the wall place, a dive where it’s dark and you can enjoy a beer and food with friends. With a pub crawl, you get the authentic pub experience. An Irish pub is a must and at Keegan Real Irish Pub of Torrance, you get the authentic experience. Try the drinks on the menu and enjoy the homey feel the pub provides.

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