Why Do We Fail in Life

Why Do We Fail in Life

You know that success starts with failure – most people who have become successful fail big time.  But as Winston S. Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts,” you need not allow failure to discourage you.  So, why do many people fail in life, in the first place?

Lack of Self-discipline

You need the discipline to succeed, you have to exert self-control over yourself.  If you lack self-discipline, it is likely that you will give up when faced with challenges.  Being undisciplined makes you see no reasons for making sacrifices today that will make you prosper tomorrow.  Lack of inner strength and laziness are two major factors that hinder you from cultivating self-discipline.

Not Swimming Against the Current

People tend to swim with the flow, they want to do what everyone else is doing.  This only gives you results that everyone accomplishes.  The world we live in is designed to allow you to swim with the currents.  It puts many obstacles to those striving to achieve their own greatness by doing what others aren’t doing.  So, you need to have the courage to meet the decisions that tend to go against those existing opinions you hear every other day.

Fear of Failure 

Robert F. Kennedy said, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”  This is true if you want to succeed in life.  When afraid of failure, you will be paralyzed.  You fail to realize and seize rewarding opportunities.

If there are things holding you back or you feel like you are in a dead end, you can meet Lisa Schmude LMFT to help reignite your inner-you and realize the potential you have.  Life doesn’t always have to be a failure, you have unique qualities and character traits you can explore to succeed.

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3 Reasons Irish Pubs Create an Excellent Party Venue

3 Reasons Irish Pubs Create an Excellent Party Venue

With summer upon us, you may be considering hosting a perfect summertime party. However, you want more room. Well, one frequently overlooked a venue that is perfect for the job is a good, old-fashioned Irish Pub such as Keegan Real Irish Pub.

While this kind of establishment comes in all sizes, shapes, and accommodations, those who book them for an event found them to be quite welcoming, and a whole bunch of fun. Before booking the local pub, here is why these types of locales are growing in popularity and are becoming the preferred choice for hosting lively parties.

Irish Pubs Have a Great Reputation

Unlike most venues, with an Irish pub, you can sample what they offer far in advance of your planned event. Given that Irish pubs are open throughout the week, you can stop in without an appointment and experience the ambiance, drink, and food.

Choose a couple of things from the menu to get a feel of how your party guests might take them. Get the story on the pub from the regulars and you will know you made the right choice before booking the private party.

Irish Pubs Have History

One fun aspect of Irish pubs is how they love their legacy. In addition to the moody lighting, warm wood tones, and cozy seating, there is something about the pub’s ambiance that cannot be found in any other type of bar.

Irish Pubs Offer Flexibility

Unlike conventional party halls with only a few ways to arrange the seating, Irish pubs are more probable to allow the partygoers to mingle as they please. Many Irish pubs have connected rooms as well. Check in advance to find out all your options; you will be amazed at how many options are even available at the smaller Irish pubs too.

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A History of The Hamburger

A History of The Hamburger 

A culinary icon of the United States, the hamburger has a long history with many controversies about its origin. It is estimated that Americans eat over 40 billion burgers every year, but did you know where this fast food delicacy came from?

The hamburger has appeared in history since the 4th century. Before it came to America, the hamburger was popular in Europe. Some ancient recipes indicate that the first minced meat food preparation was done in the 4th century but other historical literature suggests that the Mongols spread the tradition of the hamburger. In the 13th century, Mongol warriors stashed uncooked meat under saddles to make it soft before cooking.

The tradition spread across Europe and by the turn of the century, Moscow adopted a raw version called steak tartare. In the 17th century, Russians took the recipe to Germany through the Hamburg port. 

For the first time, the Hamburg sausage was featured in the cookbook titled The Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Easy in 1747. In the 1840s, immigrants from German left to the US fleeing political revolutions within their country and they are said to have eaten Hamburg steak on the ships. The Hamburg steak first appeared on a menu in New York’s Delmonico’s restaurant. The hamburger never received attention until 1904 when it appeared at the St. Louis World’s Fair. In 1921, Edgar Ingram and Walter Anderson launched the first burger chain in the world in Kansas after they developed a unique bread roll for the hamburger in the year 1916. In 1928, a burger with cheese was featured on a menu in Los Angeles at O’Dell’s Diner. 

Now that you have learned something about the genesis of hamburger, why not visit Keegan Real Irish Pub to grab yourself one. Keegan offers a range of burgers to suit your taste.


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Why The Sports Bar is a Great Place to Spend the Day with Friends

Why The Sports Bar is a Great Place to Spend the Day with Friends

A sports bar is a great place to have fun and enjoy yourself with friends. A good venue has many different fun activities for patrons. If you want to organize a day out with friends or colleagues, here are some reasons why a sports bar is one of the best options you can choose.

Different Types of Activities

Sports bars have different types of activities to keep your friends and colleagues engaged. They often have large multiple TV screens where you can follow your favorite game from wherever you are in the room. There may also be pool tables, fire pits, karaoke sessions, darts, video games amongst other activities.

It is a good idea to choose a sports bar with a wide range of things to do. Your friends may not have the same interests as you. So while some are cheering their favorite team, others could be playing pool nearby. This can make the experience much more rewarding for you and your friends.

Additionally, there are periods when there are no games or no games that interest the patrons. Other fun activities can keep you and your friends occupied as you wait for the game.

Food and Drinks

Sports bars also need to have a good menu offering a wide range of quality food and beverages. Food is an important factor to consider when looking for the best sports bar. For centuries, food has played a role in bringing people together.

Your friends not only want to enjoy a good game, but they also want to have the right snacks and beverages to go with it. Many sports bars have drink specials especially around the hours before and during the game. Popcorn, pizzas, and burgers are a common option, but many venues are now offering a wider menu selection of food and drinks.

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Keegan Real Irish Pub

Keegan Real Irish Pub

Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill offer everything that you’re looking for in one place. There is no need to go to one place to go have something to eat and later on go to a club to dance. You can enjoy live music with a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights from 9:30 p.m. until closing. While you’re dancing, you can choose from a variety of drinks that are available seven days a week.

During the week after work, you can have some dinner and watch the game on one of the 35 TVs located throughout the bar. There are many items to choose from on the menu, including, appetizers, soups, salads, and burgers. Don’t forget to enjoy one of the many beers available at Keegan’s. You can also enjoy lunch in the lounge alone or with some friends or co-workers.

Let your hair down and come to karaoke night, which is on Thursdays from 9:00 p.m. until closing. There is a lot of music to choose from. If you come to the pub early you can enjoy Happy Hour from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. every day of the week.

Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill will allow you to reserve the pub for any type of special event, including birthday and bachelor/bachelorette parties. They will cater the event for you at a discounted price. The pub only caters to people who are 21 and over though.

When it’s nice outside, enjoy a game of pool or sit by the outdoor fire pit with your friends. You can still drink your favorite alcoholic beverage or meal outside. Also, when you visit Keegan’s you won’t have to worry about parking since there is plenty of it. This is an overall nice place to relax every day of the week, have some fun, and make new friends.

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All-Week Fun at Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grille

All-Week Fun at Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grille

Friday nights are never boring in Torrance, California. For over a decade, the multi-awarded Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grille have been serving the community with its delicious food, excellent entertainment, and spacious facilities. It is not just a Sports Lounge and Grille but offers catering services as well for special occasions, onsite or offsite.

A Great Place to be

Known as the Best Sports Bar in Torrance, Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grille is located at 1434 Marcelina Avenue in Torrance, California. Its fame could be attributed to a decade-long of existence in the community. In addition, it was the recent recipient of the Daily Breeze’s 2014 Reader’s Choice Award for Best Sports Bar and Best Local Bar.

The famous Sports Bar offers a complete spread of food from appetizers, light food, soups, salads, sandwiches, and full lunch and dinner.  For the weight-conscious, there are soups, seared fish, and grilled chicken to choose from in the menu. Those who want to keep it healthy may also choose to enjoy the assortment of salad offered at Keegan’s. Of course, the Sports Lounge and Grille will not be complete without its wide variety of draft and bottled beers. Because of the liquor, the place is exclusively for those aged 21 and above only.

Many of the people in the community arrange to meet at the venue to watch special sporting events together on Keegan’s HD TV. Not only do they get to enjoy watching the live telecast of the event with their friends, but they also get to enjoy good food served by the courteous staff of Keegan’s. In addition to special events, people also take advantage of the daily Happy Hour from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. As surely as the sun rises, the Happy Hour will always be held, except on days when there are special events.



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Do the Cardinal Rules of Pairing Food and Wine Work Anymore?

Do the Cardinal Rules of Pairing Food and Wine Work Anymore?

If you haven’t thought of the type of wine you take when you have a meal at home or in a restaurant, then that is something you should start thinking about.  In the past, you would hear that you should take red wine with red meat and drink white wine with white meat, but that may not work in some situations.  These days, things have changed and you want to know much about matching food with wine so that you have the best experience when choosing the wine to go with your sumptuous meal.

The ingredients and the way the food is cooked are basic things to know when choosing a wine to accompany your dish. Consider chicken, for instance, you would think that because chicken is white meat you need to have white wine on the table.  However, there are different ways of preparing chicken.  For example, chicken in some creamy mushroom sauce may not go with the same or similar wine to Thai green chicken curry.

Probably, you would want to match the creaminess mushroom sauce with some smooth dry white wine like Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc. For a chicken like Coq Au Vin, you can choose a wine that is similar to the one used to cook it and traditionally this chicken is prepared using red burgundy.  If you are taking Thai curry, you can go with something that is aromatic like a Riesling or a Pinot Gris.

Another thing to look at when choosing a wine to accompany your dish is whether it’s a light dish or some intensely flavored one.  For example, fish stew is heavily cooked while meat dishes can be light like Steak Tartare.  In this case, you may consider pairing light-bodied wines with lightly cooked or raw dishes and having full-bodied wines going with the intensely flavored dishes like grilled or roast foods.  A seared tuna steak can go with a red.  So, you can see that although fish is white meat, it can go with red wine if it is intensely flavored.

Now that you know something about matching wines with food, why not plan your next dinner outing at Keegan Real Irish Pub and sample the delicious menu offers with your favorite wine.


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