Get Entertained the Keegan’s Way

Get Entertained the Keegan’s Way

Where do you go when you want to catch live sports actions or have that romantic evening with your friend? A sports bar and grill can offer the experience you need. But not every other sports bar is going to meet your entertainment needs. You want a bar that gives something different from the others. Here are good reasons you may want to consider Keegan’s as your next preferred sports bar and grill:

Assortment of Entertainment Activities
You are a sports lover and can’t afford to miss the live actions in a calm environment. Maybe you’re hosting a bachelorette party and can’t think of the best venue. A sports bar that offers different kinds of activities and actions for its customers may be just what you want. It may be the social Saturdays featuring the best DJs around or a scheduled live super boxing match. The Keegan’s are known to offer a collection of entertainment activities that will leave you spiced up and feeling all refreshed.

Great Menu Selections
Even when you live a frugal lifestyle, it doesn’t hurt if you sneak out for an occasional eat out. If you are going out for lunch, dinner, or hosting a party, you want to get the best menu. Your catering experience may not be fulfilling if you cannot find a menu, which resonates with the needs of your guests. The Keegan’s provide you with sumptuous menu items you can’t afford to miss. All your catering needs are well catered for and you can discuss that with the chef.

Modern, Spacious Patio
You don’t want to host your party or watch your favorite sports game in a crowded bar. Keegan’s give you an unmatched patio space to allow you to enjoy a lounge area, outside pool table, and outdoor fire pits to make you just as warm as you want to be in those cold evenings and nights.

Make a date with Keegan Real Irish Pub for your next dinner or lunch experience and see what’s in store for you. You can host your special event too.

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Beer and Football (Both Kind) a Swell Combination

Beer and Football (Both Kind) a Swell Combination

For many people watching sports and having a nice cold beer go hand in hand. During sporting events, there is an increase in alcoholic beverage commercials and for many events like the Super Bowl are even sponsored by beer companies. So is it the advertising that drives people to drink, or was drinking already happening and advertising companies are simply trying to reach their target audience. To put it simply, the beer came before the commercials.

A History Of Sport and Beer

During the time of the original Olympiad, it was customary for the ruler to enjoy a grand feast while watching the violent matches occur. They would enjoy some of the grandest food in the land, while also enjoying some of the best liquor available, in many instances that would be strong wine. If you look through history, you will find many instances that show when a sporting event took place, so too was the booze.

A Culture of Drinking

In pubs, bars, arenas, and stadiums across the world, you will find that people love their sport with a little beer on the side. For social drinkers, alcohol is associated with a good time; happiness, celebration, or a party. For sports lovers, that is also what sports is associated with; a good time, happiness, a celebration. It is almost natural for the two to go hand in hand. Beyond a culture that has been passed down throughout the generations, many people find sports and beer heighten excitement while encouraging relaxation. In today’s social climate, that could courage anybody to watch a match and grab a brew.

If you are going out to a sporting event, or your local pub to enjoy the game and a beer, realize you are following the tradition of those who came centuries before you.

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What Makes A Great Hangout Joint?

What Makes A Great Hangout Joint?
You know how you travel to a country far away from home and then head to the local eatery so that you can really feel the new place? Yeah, that happens a lot of time, and it helps strangers feel at home. A favorite local joint does not have to have the fanciest food or drinks. Heck, people could be stepping on each other’s toes on the dance floor, but they will still come back the next day and then the next.

What Makes Keegan’s That Place?
Keegan’s Sports Lodge and Grill is family run and has been around since 2001. You can imagine the wealth of culture and tradition maintained in this urban, cozy sports bar. Take a seat in the spacious lounge, and you will be treated to non-stop music depending on the time of day. The ambiance is welcoming, and the lounge has been recently redecorated to include 35 TVs. This place is a sports enthusiast’s paradise! It’s no wonder Keegan’s was voted the best Sports Bar in the Reader’s Choice Award.

Exotic Food and Drinks
Good food (and drinks) turn any gathering into a party. Keegan’s is not merely about burgers and fries. The sports bar has an extensive menu that varies from month to month. Maybe the best thing is the food happy-hour from 4-7 pm that goes down for a whole week every month! The discount applies to specific items on the menu. Happy hour for drinks is every Friday and Saturday from 9:30 to 11 pm, as long as you are 21 years and older.

Something’s Always Cooking
Patrons get the entertainment of their lives every night, and it only gets better over the weekends. Live events, renowned DJs, and fun themed parties are the norm at Keegan’s Sports Lodge and Grill. Oh, and you will not have to worry about stepping on your partner’s toes. There is enough space for everyone on the dance floor.

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Cheer For Your Team While You Dine At The Keegan’s Real Irish Pub

Cheer For Your Team While You Dine At The Keegan’s Real Irish Pub

You have your favorite football match coming up this Saturday. The unfortunate thing is that you do not have the tickets for the match. There is no need to despair for you can watch the match live at Keegan’s Sports Lounge & Grill in Torrance CA.

The greatest benefit of watching the match here is that you have the opportunity of having your meal at the same time by the poolside at this restaurant. You have the advantage of an outdoor patio having five large fire pits that can provide the necessary warmth for you.

Watching a sporting event at a sports bar is an enjoyable event. If the bar happens to have a reputation of being adjudged the Best Sports Bar in Torrance, your experience can be a great one. The main aspect of this bar is that it has sufficient space for you to watch the match and at the same time have your privacy as well.

It could be of great service to the bar if you were to book your appointment early. You can avoid disappointments and more importantly, have special parking space for your vehicles. The quality of food is excellent as usual. You can enjoy a full lunch or dinner along with your family. Hosting a party is easy as well because this bar has the requisite arrangements in place.

This is a family owned business and hence you can expect the restaurant to stick to family values. In addition to your favorite food, you have the best drinks of your choice available here. The best part of the drinks is that you have a different cocktail every day. This variety in the menu is the USP of this bar. Of course, the fact that you can watch your favorite TV program is an added attraction in many ways.

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Looking for a Fun Family Place? Look No Further!

Sports bars are amazing, fun places where the whole family can eat, or groups of friends can sit at the bar and drink. Irish pubs are amazing, fun places where the whole family can eat, or groups of friends can sit at the bar and drink. Imagine a mix of both of these things. It would be the ultimate in watching sports with your family, or the ultimate in drinking with your friends. This is exactly the concept behind Keegan Irish Sports Pub. It is the ultimate in epic environments to eat and drink.

There are almost forty televisions inside and outside, so there is no way you will miss any part of the game. Their food is incredible, and their drinks reasonably priced. Their servers are friendly, their cooks are amazing, and you will enjoy every second of your experience at Keegan’s.

Your experience is guaranteed to be incredible with Keegan’s. They have won several awards for being the absolute best and have worked up a reputation of excellence. This reputation is very well-deserved, as they are unparalleled in food and service in this area.

It’s hard to imagine anything that could make Keegan’s any better. However, we haven’t yet talked about the lounge aspect of Keegan’s, complete with a DJ and karaoke! Almost every night of the week, you can enjoy your time at Keegan’s with a DJ or a karaoke party. Late night just got a hundred times better–everything’s better with karaoke.

So next time you are looking for somewhere nice to spend your evening, look no further than Keegan’s. Keegan’s has something to please everyone, and there’s no way to be disappointed. With delicious food, amazing drinks, a great atmosphere, DJ, karaoke, and their great prices, Keegan’s is the place for you. Don’t hesitate; drop by today.

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Good Reasons You Should Pop in at Keegan Real Irish Pub

Good Reasons You Should Pop in at Keegan Real Irish Pub

If you are out for a treat or you have a special event, you may be confused about where to dine and drink. Keegan Real Irish Pub brings you great moments when you are in South Bay. Often, people wanting to have some nice time outside tend to be lured by the enticing smell of fries and grilles, but what they don’t realize is that unless you choose your eateries and places to take your drinks from, you may be out for a rude shock.

Some restaurants and pubs are just too crowded and space is not accommodating. The last thing you would want to experience is being in a pub or restaurant that does not emphasize on personalized service. Here are reasons you need to visit Keegan Real Irish Pub:

You are not just confined indoor
Sometimes, you want to relax and have your snack or drink in an open air environment as you catch the breeze. If you are going to be in a restaurant room or an enclosed bar, you will miss this experience. There is nothing as fulfilling as having your drink just around an outdoor fire pit in the evening or at night. You can easily drain away the daily stressors or create a memorable evening eat-out for your significant other.

Watch favorite sports games the Keegan’s way
People are realizing the importance of watching sports games. It is not only stress relieving but also a way to keep up with the latest trends in sports. Many a times, you find that the settings for restaurants and pubs do not offer an ideal place for people to watch live games.

The space may be limited and some people, just because they cannot find an alternative area to take their drinks from, they join the crowd watching games, yet they are not interested in that game or they are not having fun in watching them. Why not visit a pub with multiple TV screens where you can get live telecasting of your favorite game?

Special events
Corporate organizations, families, and groups are always seeking for locations where they can host their special events. Such locations should have the facilities and resources to ensure great satisfaction. If you plan to host a special event, you want it to be a memorable one. From the menu choices to the beverages and customer service, you should get it right.

Keegan Real Irish Pub caters for diverse group of clients. You can visit this facility to find out whether it is the perfect fit spot you should be heading to for lunch, diner, a night out, or for that birthday celebration.

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One Of The Best Places To Have An Outdoor Party

Are you disappointed that you could not get the tickets for your favorite football match on Saturday? There is no need for worrying at all. You can watch the same on HD TV at the Keegan Irish Pub, Sports Lounge, and Grill while having your sumptuous meal at the same time. You get the same arena-like feeling here with many of your friends cheering for your favorite team.

For a change, you can enjoy the live bands at this lounge on Fridays and Saturdays. This enables you to enjoy the band music during the half-time period. The best feature of this sports lounge is that you can enjoy the TV show by the poolside as well. This pub has 35 ‘large-screen’ TV sets spread all over the place. You can never be far from the action wherever you take your seat. However, by booking your seats early, you can get close to the real action.

This place gas limited parking facilities. Hence, it is always better to come early to get a vantage parking location. You get some of the best food at this place. Coupled with the fine drinks they serve, you have a real treat on your hands. This sports lounge could be the perfect place to have a nice birthday party by the poolside. You have the advantage of the outdoor fire pits as the winter evenings can get uncomfortably cold here. These fire pits make you feel at home with their warmth.

Your child might just have the best birthday of his life. He gets everything he wishes for on his special day. This includes the great food, great ambiance, the large TVs to watch the football matches, as well the pool to have a nice dip.
Therefore, if you are looking for space to have an outdoor party, Keegan is the place to look out.

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