Party Like There’s No Tomorrow!

If you are looking for a perfect venue for your next party, or you are hosting an event, you’ll make no mistake in choosing Keegan Real Irish Pub as your next destination.

The facilities

Situated along Craven’s Avenue and Sartori in California is the best sports bar in Torrance. Awarded by Torrance Daily Breeze as the Best Readers Choice in 2014, it boasts 34 flat-screen high definition TVs all over the bar where you can hang out and enjoy national and local sports events. Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill has recently been renovated and you can now spaciously enjoy the atmosphere with its bar and restaurant and its outdoor patio with two large fire pits. Also check out the cool outdoor pool table. Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill also offers specials and events where you can take advantage of bundled drinks with your friends.

The food

A wide range of appetizers and alcohol drinks are offered, ranging from draft beers like Guinness, Heineken and Stella Artios, to bottled beer like, Budweiser, Miller Lite and much more. You won’t go hungry with their tons of food choices. You can definitely try out pleasant soups and salads and appetizing sandwiches and burgers. And don’t forget to try out the specialty tacos, jambalaya, grilled chicken and salmon. You will have a delightful feast with your friends.

The events

Not only that, Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill also has cover bands every Friday and Saturday, and Karaoke nights every Wednesday and Thursday, Happy Hours every day and with a host of activities every month, you surely won’t want to miss an event. Also offered are Friday Night Drink Specials and Saturday Night Specials where you can surely unwind with your best buddies and have the best night in town.

Keegan’s also host birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties and corporate events. Sign up on their official website for limited specials and get the best deals offered. Sign up and be on the VIP list and be scheduled on exclusive events!



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Traditional Irish Pub with Delicious Menu

Keegan Real Irish Pub is a family owned bar and restaurant founded in 2001. It is one of the best sports bars located in Torrance, California. It was rewarded with the Daily Breeze’s 2014 Reader’s Choice Award Best Sports and Best Local’s Bar. The pub recently underwent a renovation to provide more comfortable spaces for customers. They offer lots of mouthwatering food on their lunch and dinner menu. Some of the food they serve are appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, specialties, soup, and salad. They are also well known for the food they serve on the Happy Hour dish menu.

Keegan Real Irish Pub is equipped with 35 indoor HD televisions. You can watch a number of your favorite live sports shows on the large flat-screen televisions. They broadcast every single sports show so you won’t miss any of the important events. The patio features pool tables and fire pits. There are two large outdoor fire pits where you can perform barbecues. The patio is also decorated with lava lamps. They have DJ performances on Friday and Saturday. Every Friday, there will be cover bands coming to the pub. Karaoke Nights services are available on Wednesday and Thursday.

Keegan Real Irish Pub provides full indoor catering service to customers who want to organize a party for the celebration of an event. The outdoor patio is open for rental and catering services to private parties. They serve both draft beer and bottle beer. You can find out the full list of food items they offer by browsing the menu online. Keegan Real Irish Pub hosts different events throughout the week. You can check their calendar to find out what event is going on at the pub every week. You can sign up for their VIP list to receive updates on the special events. Give them a call at  (310) 328-3750 for reservations. Learn more about the Irish Pub at

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Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill

Located in Torrance, California, this family owned business has been serving the Torrance community for over a decade and has earned the reputation as best sports bar in Torrance, California. Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill has also won the Daily Breeze’s 2014 Reader’s Choice Award for Best Sports Bar and Best Local’s Bar. We have also undergone a recent remodel of our lounge. It now contains a comfortable relaxing space for all of our customers.


We also have 35-flat screen TVs and an outdoor patio that has two large fire pits and a large lava lamp. Keegan’s offers happy hour dishes, full lunch and dinner menu, hosts parties, and also offers a full catering service. Some of our most popular items are our draft beers, bottle beers, and appetizers. Some of our most requested appetizers consist of potato skins, buffalo wings, sampler platter, and chicken supreme nachos. We also offer lighter options for quick meals and small snacks. Some of the choices include grilled chicken, soup and salad, and fish tacos.


We also offer full portioned salads such as chicken Caesar, blackened salmon and oriental chicken. Our menu offers an array of delicious sandwiches. We have the classics such as Philly cheese steak, the Reuben, classic club, and the BLT. However, our chefs are also creative and cook delicious unique sandwiches such as the chicken breast melt on sourdough bread, the Irish club which consists of pastrami, corned beef, coleslaw and Swiss cheese.


Our most notable dishes are our savory and cooked to order hamburgers. At Keegans we have regular hamburgers, cheeseburgers, turkey burgers, and even Teriyaki burgers. We also offer a low-carb burger and a veggie burger to suit all of our customers’ requests. Our specialty menu options include quesadillas, tacos, chicken breasts, and wraps. Keegan’s has something on the menu for everyone and is a comfortable lounge to kick back and relax with family and friends.

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Make the Best Out of your Party with the Menu Services of Keegan Real Irish Pub

Keegan Real Irish Pub has its location at 1434 Marcelina Ave in Torrance, California. It is situated in between Sartori and Cravens Avenue. It is a family-owned business that came into being in the year 2001 and is still operating as a restaurant and bar. For more than a decade now, Keegan has been successful in developing a reputation of serving as the most promising Sports Bar throughout Torrance. This Irish Pub has also won the Reader’s Choice Best Local’s Bar and Best Sports Bar award at daily Breeze’s 2014. The model of the bar has recently changed boasting comfortable space for the customers to relax and watch their favorite sports on the flat-screen televisions. There is even an exterior patio possessing a lava lamp and two huge fire pits.

Great Menu at the Restaurant

Keegan Real Irish Pub serves happy hour dishes which tend to be very popular throughout the Torrance region The restaurant serves a full dinner and lunch menu. For hosting small or large parties, the restaurant possesses a great full catering menu that can always impress the guests. There are Kitchen Hours, Happy Hours, Karaoke Nights, Cover Bands and DJs arranged for the guests. The outside patio of the restaurant is available for arranging private parties. The pub and grill section of the restaurant serves specialties like fish tacos and grilled chicken while there are other specialties available like burgers, sandwiches, soups and salads, light options, bottle beer and draft beer. There are drink specials arranged for Friday and Saturday nights. There are even special events arranged during these days.

VIP Reservations

If you are looking to get the best deals on the latest DJs, parties and band happenings at Keegan Real Irish Pub, you need to sign up for the VIP list and you will be sent exclusive specials meant only for the most-valued patrons. Keegan is the best place for you if you are looking to host birthday parties, bachelorette or bachelor parties and corporate events within a limited budget.

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Best Sports Bar in Torrance

Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill is a family owned restaurant that was established in 2001 and is still thriving today. Operating for so many years and providing quality food and customer service has gained us the reputation of being the best sports bar in the area to date. We take pride in the service that we offer our customers, and we make sure they always want to come back for more. Keeping up with our great service on a daily basis has earned us the Daily Breeze’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Sports Bar and Best Local’s Bar in 2014. We have recently remodeled, and now our customers can enjoy their favorite sports teams on one of our 35-inch flat-screen TV’s inside, or outside on our patio that features a lava lamp and two large fire pits.

Along with our top notch bar service, we also host private parties, and we cater for any occasion.  We have a full lunch and dinner menu daily where you can find healthy options, vegetarian options and pretty much something for everyone. We offer weekly Friday and Saturday night drink specials. We have happy hour 7-days a week from 4:00-8:00p.m., we have Karaoke Nights on Wednesdays and Thursdays, a cover band on Fridays, and a DJ on Saturdays.

Whether you want to just grab a bite with your family, have a night out of fun with your friends, or whatever the occasion, you will be sure to enjoy yourself when you visit our restaurant.  We love to serve you and we love our customers leaving better and happier than they were when they came. We have been around for almost 15 years and we are still thriving. This should prove to you that we are an exceptional lounge and sports bar and we are here to stay.

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Why a Sports Bar and Grill Provides an Ideal Environment For Your Outing

Many people want to watch favorite games and sports on TV— but somewhere away from the typical home environment. These people do not want to travel to stadiums to see the games live but taking sometime in a sports bar and grill can create the ideal sports viewing experience they want. A sports bar and grill Torrance, CA may be the perfect spot for all your sports watching needs. Here are a few things you can look out for when seeking a sports bar and grill for your outing.


The amenities

When you visit a sports bar, you want to have the best sports watching experience. Having HD flat screen televisions may provide you with a good experience. However, you do not want to visit a facility that only has a few televisions with a crowded sitting space. You want to have fun in watching your favorite teams and players.

The screen should be large enough to offer clear viewing. While you may want to watch the games at home, the experience that is created by the cheering crowds makes the sports bars unique places to be.


The variety of beverages

During the time you are watching, you will want to have some drinks ranging from the ales, mixed drinks or concoctions of cocktails to beers. Find out if there are special drinks served during the sports event. You also want to find out if the service is top-notch. Even if a sports bar has the best quality HD television but the service team is awful, it makes the entire experience a daunting one.


The food menu choice

You may want to have some munchies to spruce up your outing or sports watching. You need to be able to access a number of dishes or grilled foods to keep the stomach full. You don’t want to have pints of beer or liquor on an empty stomach.

Whether you are going out with your friends to watch sports or you are hosting a special evening event like a birthday party, you can consider Keegan Real Irish Pub for the ultimate evening and night out experience. You will enjoy the large screen TV views coupled with a selection of favorite drinks and some grill food.


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Give Your Bachelor Party A Lifetime Memory

Is your best pal getting married? And has decided to have you beside him as the best man? Well, this comes with a responsibility to throw a bachelors’ party for him, that will give his bachelor life ending lifetime memory. Here at Keegan’s Sports Lounge & grill, we will host it for you and give you value for your money.

Below are bachelor’s party ideas we have compiled for you.

a) Meat eating party

This is a decadent meat house in town, we will prepare for your gentlemen and we shall treat you like kings. On sale is best red wine that, the experience will not disappoint.

b) Game on

Friendly games and competitions will bring out the best from your men. We offer services to get personalized t-shirts for your gentlemen. Games can include golf, table tennis, and tennis

c) Live band

For entertainment we shall not disappoint, we shall avail your band of choice and host the past at your preferred venue; this will be the opportune moment for your gentlemen to sing their lungs out.

d) Karaoke night

You never know who their hidden talent will explode that night, this will be a thrilling night where the men will sing, harsh voices, high tones, and climaxes will not count, but be assured of fun.

e) Treatment and hair stylist services

We shall make arrangements for stylish services; the men will access all treatment and specialized care. These include haircuts, manicure and massage on location. After the relaxation, your gentlemen will be served with drinks and prepared meals.


  1. f) Drink the whole night.

If you want extremes of the party drink the whole night as if alcohol will be illegalized the next day. Make arrangement for the VIP reservation to rest after the party.

  1. g) Road trip

Whether you have a preferred destination or see where the road takes you, we shall make all the arrangements to have your men ago satisfied. After the trip, a dinner will be served and relaxation program later

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