Where Do You Go for a Good Time?

Where Do You Go for a Good Time?

If you’re looking for great food, good times, great people and a lot of laughs then Keegan’s is the place you’re going to want to go. Not only is everything Irish themed, but you know you’re going to have a good time when it is an Irish pub that is welcoming you to their doors. With the right look, feel, atmosphere and people inside, you could drink beer all night long and have a good time.

What Does Keegan’s Got That Others Don’t?

When you visit Keegan’s, you know that you’re getting the best of the best. They know beer, they know mixed drinks, they know greasy, delicious bar foods. This is where you can come to relax, unwind and enjoy a bit more out of life that you would not otherwise be able to enjoy.

With a bit of everything rolled up into one, you can be sure that you will have a good time away from home, somewhere that others are just out to have a good time in, as well.

Keegan’s is welcoming to one and all, to every person and place. They want everyone out there to feel comfortable coming here.

The best part is that they are all about the sports that you love, too! You can come and sit down, have a beer, something to eat and watch the game. We are all likeminded individuals and we provide the good times you have been looking for.

Take the time to check out Keegan’s and all that comes with what they have to offer. You can then feel good about the choice that you made to have a good time and cash out in benefits from it in the end.

Are you ready for a beer? Tell us when you come in for the first time and let us make it a great time at that!

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Why You Should Watch the Big Game at a Pub

Why You Should Watch the Big Game at a Pub
When it comes time to watch your favorite sports team on television, there’s no better place to gather than the local pub. If you haven’t tried out this venue for sports watching, it’s time you experienced it firsthand and here’s why!

Food and Drinks
Food and drinks are an obvious reason why watching the game at the pub is a good idea. You will have plenty of options to choose your favorites or a variety of foods and drinks to share amongst your table. A bonus is that you won’t’ have to worry about providing food and drinks for yourself or any guests you have over.

Fun Atmosphere with Fellow Fans
Not only can you enjoy watching the game with your friends and family you bring along to the pub, you will also be joined by many other fans who share their excitement for your team. There is nothing like sharing the excitement of a big win with a pub full of fans you can have fun with! There might even be some fans of the opposing team that makes for a good time and some healthy competition.

Avoid Hassle
When you watch the game at the local pub, you don’t have to bother with the cleanup of inviting friends and family to your home. Also, no worries about something going wrong with your television or cable connection; the pub has plenty of televisions so you are sure to catch the game from anywhere in the place!

For a great atmosphere to watch the game and tasty food and drinks, head down to Keegan Real Irish Pub for a great time! Their pub is a favorite among the locals and the exact spot you should be for every game you want to see!

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Discover What Makes a Great Irish Pub

Discover What Makes a Great Irish Pub

Because the Irish tradition has been a big part of the American heritage, nothing compares to an authentic pub which offers the best of the culture. If you live in Torrance, California you won’t be disappointed when looking for the best Irish joint in town because there are only a few of them.

Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill is one of the best places to visit because they offer an authentic feel of a traditional Irish lounge. Not only do you get real Irish whiskeys, but you are greeted with the warmness of what Ireland is about.

Our Short and Sweet Selection of Beverages Spell the Difference
A lot of bars masquerade themselves with a leprechaun theme to make it feel like a traditional Irish joint, but the warmth and feel do not really resemble the authentic tradition that you might think. Consider walking into a pub with lots of greens but serves beverages that are found in local bars.

It might look Irish, but nothing traditional is being served. You might even think that you are just hopping at a local bar that added green displays to deceive you into thinking it resembles the traditional leprechaun tincture. One good way to judge a great Irish pub is with their selection of Irish whiskey displayed to boost your impression.

The Joint Should Have A Shabby Yet Pristine Look
A close look at an Irish pub, you would see that the space has been worn in. It is specially designed to make you feel like you are entering an old place that has been worn through use but still manages to look immaculate.

Not the sort of a craft beer pub or a cocktail joint, but something that crosses the path between a place for a round of heavy drinking and exciting conversations. Along with that, music also plays a good vibe to get you into an Irish mood. Songs sung by bands hailing from Ireland makes the ambiance more authentic and stimulating.

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The Right Place to Watch the Game

 The Right Place to Watch the Game
People tend to develop a certain love for sports. This affinity only grows with time, letting anyone understand that a game is a perfect opportunity to go out with friends, have a drink and, most importantly, have fun. One of the best ways to enjoy a particular game is by heading to a sports bar with friends. By doing this, you will share the moment with several other fans, who will be there to support or even make fun, of your team in a good-willed manner. You will also avoid making a mess at home and having to clean up after the game. Whether your team won and you want to celebrate or it lost and you want to sulk, you certainly won’t be thrilled to pick up the mess.

Now, there are sports bars and there are sports bars. You can’t just walk into the first place with a neon sign pointing out that they will show the game on their screens. If you want to try to enjoy yourself, you want to pick a place that fulfills certain expectations. You might not know it yet, but it is very important for the bar to have a lot of screens, some really big ones among them. They will also need to serve a variety of food that caters to all of your friend’s needs. Alcoholic drinks are very important as well, and they shouldn’t be overpriced. The staff must be nice and understanding of how high tension can get when you’re watching your favorite team. They shouldn’t interrupt during crucial plays and they should know when to refill your beer.

Considering all of these factors, there is one place you won’t want to miss the next time you want to go out and watch a game with your friends. Keegan Real Irish Pub is a Sports Bar & Grill where you will be able to get everything you want for the game!

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Tips To Host A Memorable Corporate Event

Tips To Host A Memorable Corporate Event

Corporate events are an important part of human and public relations for all businesses since they facilitate bonding with your team members, reduce stress and allow workers to know each other outside of the office. Planning a corporate event is a daunting task that even professional event organizers find difficult. Whether you’re an amateur planning your first major event or are merely trying to clue yourself in to keep up with the event organizer, the tips below are essential to throwing a memorably successful event.

Conceptualization and Budgeting
Decide on your event theme and seek guidance from both your guest’s profiles and the company goals and objectives to choose from an indoor, evening, pure fun, competitive or collaborative tones. Create a budget based on the theme – appropriate decor, booking of venue, catering, entertainment, special permits, outside security and promotional actions plans if necessary.

To-do List
Make a to-do list with a timeline detailing all the necessary activities and delegate duties amongst your staff. If no event organizer has been hired, appoint a team leader to coordinate the individual efforts of the staff and other people organizing the event. These may include the caterers, venue providers, décor suppliers, special activities and entertainment vendors.

Event Publicity
Corporate events require different levels of publicity depending on their nature, for example, a product launch or awards event would be a more high profile event than a typical team-building outing. Send press releases to different media outlets for coverage and incentivize by offering giveaways for readers or viewers with company gift packs or event tickets.

Budgeting Hacks
The cumulative cost of corporate events is considerably higher than most people expect, however, there are small ways to ensure you save big without being cheap. Look for sponsors or partners in your business niche to help shoulder the burden of the budget and promote the event to a demographic beyond your company’s reach. Only seek vendors for services that your partners or sponsors cannot offer.

Actual Day of the Event
It is important that things run smoothly on the day of the event in order for all parties to have a fun and fruitful time. Guests should be directed to their rightful places before wandering around the venue, food should be served on time and in proper portions, and the entertainment should be engaging but not overwhelming.

Keegan Real Irish Pub offers you an ideal venue for your next corporate event. The sports lounge and grill has remodeled its patio and now guests can enjoy a spacious lounge area, outside fire pits, and outside pool table. With more than 35 TVs in the bar, guests can catch their favorite games the Keegan’s style.

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Get Entertained the Keegan’s Way

Get Entertained the Keegan’s Way

Where do you go when you want to catch live sports actions or have that romantic evening with your friend? A sports bar and grill can offer the experience you need. But not every other sports bar is going to meet your entertainment needs. You want a bar that gives something different from the others. Here are good reasons you may want to consider Keegan’s as your next preferred sports bar and grill:

Assortment of Entertainment Activities
You are a sports lover and can’t afford to miss the live actions in a calm environment. Maybe you’re hosting a bachelorette party and can’t think of the best venue. A sports bar that offers different kinds of activities and actions for its customers may be just what you want. It may be the social Saturdays featuring the best DJs around or a scheduled live super boxing match. The Keegan’s are known to offer a collection of entertainment activities that will leave you spiced up and feeling all refreshed.

Great Menu Selections
Even when you live a frugal lifestyle, it doesn’t hurt if you sneak out for an occasional eat out. If you are going out for lunch, dinner, or hosting a party, you want to get the best menu. Your catering experience may not be fulfilling if you cannot find a menu, which resonates with the needs of your guests. The Keegan’s provide you with sumptuous menu items you can’t afford to miss. All your catering needs are well catered for and you can discuss that with the chef.

Modern, Spacious Patio
You don’t want to host your party or watch your favorite sports game in a crowded bar. Keegan’s give you an unmatched patio space to allow you to enjoy a lounge area, outside pool table, and outdoor fire pits to make you just as warm as you want to be in those cold evenings and nights.

Make a date with Keegan Real Irish Pub for your next dinner or lunch experience and see what’s in store for you. You can host your special event too.

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Beer and Football (Both Kind) a Swell Combination

Beer and Football (Both Kind) a Swell Combination

For many people watching sports and having a nice cold beer go hand in hand. During sporting events, there is an increase in alcoholic beverage commercials and for many events like the Super Bowl are even sponsored by beer companies. So is it the advertising that drives people to drink, or was drinking already happening and advertising companies are simply trying to reach their target audience. To put it simply, the beer came before the commercials.

A History Of Sport and Beer

During the time of the original Olympiad, it was customary for the ruler to enjoy a grand feast while watching the violent matches occur. They would enjoy some of the grandest food in the land, while also enjoying some of the best liquor available, in many instances that would be strong wine. If you look through history, you will find many instances that show when a sporting event took place, so too was the booze.

A Culture of Drinking

In pubs, bars, arenas, and stadiums across the world, you will find that people love their sport with a little beer on the side. For social drinkers, alcohol is associated with a good time; happiness, celebration, or a party. For sports lovers, that is also what sports is associated with; a good time, happiness, a celebration. It is almost natural for the two to go hand in hand. Beyond a culture that has been passed down throughout the generations, many people find sports and beer heighten excitement while encouraging relaxation. In today’s social climate, that could courage anybody to watch a match and grab a brew.

If you are going out to a sporting event, or your local pub to enjoy the game and a beer, realize you are following the tradition of those who came centuries before you.

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