One Of The Best Places To Have An Outdoor Party

Are you disappointed that you could not get the tickets for your favorite football match on Saturday? There is no need for worrying at all. You can watch the same on HD TV at the Keegan Irish Pub, Sports Lounge, and Grill while having your sumptuous meal at the same time. You get the same arena-like feeling here with many of your friends cheering for your favorite team.

For a change, you can enjoy the live bands at this lounge on Fridays and Saturdays. This enables you to enjoy the band music during the half-time period. The best feature of this sports lounge is that you can enjoy the TV show by the poolside as well. This pub has 35 ‘large-screen’ TV sets spread all over the place. You can never be far from the action wherever you take your seat. However, by booking your seats early, you can get close to the real action.

This place gas limited parking facilities. Hence, it is always better to come early to get a vantage parking location. You get some of the best food at this place. Coupled with the fine drinks they serve, you have a real treat on your hands. This sports lounge could be the perfect place to have a nice birthday party by the poolside. You have the advantage of the outdoor fire pits as the winter evenings can get uncomfortably cold here. These fire pits make you feel at home with their warmth.

Your child might just have the best birthday of his life. He gets everything he wishes for on his special day. This includes the great food, great ambiance, the large TVs to watch the football matches, as well the pool to have a nice dip.
Therefore, if you are looking for space to have an outdoor party, Keegan is the place to look out.

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