Hosting Tips for Just About Any Party

Whether it’s a corporate event, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a birthday party or any other kind of party, a sports bar can provide the best venue and atmosphere for hosting. Having won awards for our excellence in hospitality coupled with our recent remodeling, you can host your party at Keegan Real Irish Pub, Torrance CA. Below are some tips on how you can give your party that extra edge.


Adequate and timely preparation

To host a great party, it is important to not only prepare well, but also do that in advance. One of the key things to do is of course make the guest list and send out the invites early enough. The other major thing you have to prepare for is making booking arrangements for the venue you have chosen.


Hype it up

Once you have sent out the invites, you want the guests to attend your party and not make other plans unless they absolutely have to. One way to ensure that they make your party the priority is by building excitement. You can do this on social media, through text messages or emails, and even when you meet them face to face. If you keep your party at the top of their minds, they will have little excuse not to attend.


Conversation starters

Once you have done the job of getting your guests through the door, you want them to enjoy their time there. One way to ensure that they don’t suffer uncomfortable silences, especially if they have not previously been acquainted with each other, is to generate a theme for the party. Themes will not only serve their primary purpose but also act as icebreakers.

Besides, hosting your party at a hired venue will ensure you have enough room for all your guests. It’s also stress-free. Keegan Real Irish Pub will not only provide you with a venue but also handle all the catering needs leaving you to enjoy the party as much as your guests.



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