Discover What Makes a Great Irish Pub

Discover What Makes a Great Irish Pub

Because the Irish tradition has been a big part of the American heritage, nothing compares to an authentic pub which offers the best of the culture. If you live in Torrance, California you won’t be disappointed when looking for the best Irish joint in town because there are only a few of them.

Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill is one of the best places to visit because they offer an authentic feel of a traditional Irish lounge. Not only do you get real Irish whiskeys, but you are greeted with the warmness of what Ireland is about.

Our Short and Sweet Selection of Beverages Spell the Difference
A lot of bars masquerade themselves with a leprechaun theme to make it feel like a traditional Irish joint, but the warmth and feel do not really resemble the authentic tradition that you might think. Consider walking into a pub with lots of greens but serves beverages that are found in local bars.

It might look Irish, but nothing traditional is being served. You might even think that you are just hopping at a local bar that added green displays to deceive you into thinking it resembles the traditional leprechaun tincture. One good way to judge a great Irish pub is with their selection of Irish whiskey displayed to boost your impression.

The Joint Should Have A Shabby Yet Pristine Look
A close look at an Irish pub, you would see that the space has been worn in. It is specially designed to make you feel like you are entering an old place that has been worn through use but still manages to look immaculate.

Not the sort of a craft beer pub or a cocktail joint, but something that crosses the path between a place for a round of heavy drinking and exciting conversations. Along with that, music also plays a good vibe to get you into an Irish mood. Songs sung by bands hailing from Ireland makes the ambiance more authentic and stimulating.

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