Enjoy your food and drink while watching your favorite stars at play

Watching your favorite sports event is an enjoyable thing to do. If you can do so while having a nice time at your favorite bar, it adds to the element of fun. You have such a fantastic facility at the Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill in Torrance, CA. This sports lounge bar is one of the best places to hang out with friends while cheering on your favorite team on television.

This bar has more than 35 flat-screen TV’s installed for the benefit of its patrons. You have the privilege of watching the match outdoors as well. You have a couple of screens in the patio enabling one to have a great view of the matches while having a wonderful time soaking in the warmth of the large fire pits.

This sports lounge has won the best sports lounge award in 2014. The beauty of this sports bar is that you can set up your table right by the poolside. You can also listen to some of your favorite music as well. The local DJ can dish out some great musical stuff for music lovers. These bands are usually open on Fridays and Saturdays. This can make for a perfect weekend sojourn to the bar along with your entire family. There is ample space to park your vehicles as well.

This bar is not only about sports and music. You can have some of the greatest food as well. Therefore, even if there is no match scheduled, you can partake of the excellent food on offer. This bar will never disappoint its patrons in any way.

This is a popular bar. Hence, you might have to book early to avoid disappointments in case the bar becomes full on important game days. Therefore, sports lovers need not fret if they fail to get tickets to the match at the stadium. Watching the same here at the Keegan’s can be an equally exhilarating experience.

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Watch your favorite sports, dine, and make new friends at the same time

A restaurant and a bar is a great place to spend an evening. You enjoy more when the bar has facilities allowing you to watch your favorite matches on TV. The Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill is one such excellent facility in Torrance, CA.

Established in 2001, this bar and restaurant have been functioning beautifully for over a decade and a half. With 35 flat-screen TVs all over the place, you are never far away from the real action. The beauty of the arrangement is that these TVs are accessible from every possible angle. You need not move an inch to get the perfect view of your favorite games on TV.

The two large fire pits on the patio present the perfect setting on a cold wintry day. You have the advantage of eating on the lawns and viewing your favorite games unfold on TV at the same time.

This takes care of the entertainment angle. Coming to the main business part, this restaurant offers you a range of exotic dishes. You have a full lunch and dinner menu to make a choice. Hosting parties, both large and small is possible at the Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill. A full catering menu is available at your disposal. This enables you to make your choice of mouth-watering dishes at any time of the day.

The best aspect of this bar is that this is a great place for socializing. You can have a great chat with your best friends. The advantage of watching your favorite programs on TV while dining is that you can make new friends easily. You get to share your views with people having common interests. This can prove to be the breeding ground for building and sustaining new friendships and relations. No wonder, this restaurant has the reputation of being the best in the business.

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Make Your Day By Visiting Keegan’s Best Irish Pub

We have been busy to bring you something amazing and exciting. If you are passing by Torrence, or staying a night or two in the city with your friends,’ Keegan’s Sports Lounge & Grill is the best place to check out.

Situated at 1434 Marcelina Ave, Keegan’s Irish pub offers ample and hassle free parking and is waiting just for you.


Drink or Eat, Perfect Place to Party

Keegan offers a variety of drinks seven days a week to make your every evening ‘JUST PERFECT’! Whether you like Samuel Adams or Hoptonic, Bud Light or Tecate, they serve a full variety of all draft and bottle beers.

The appetizers they offer, ranging from $3.25 to $15.95 per serving, make it easy to order whatever you’re in the mood for. From Chicken Strips to Spring Rolls, Fried Zucchini to Prawn Cocktail, depending upon your pocket size and number of friends you are having party with. it’s easy to make sure everyone is taken care of

Keegan’s also offers light eating options such as grilled chicken, fish tacos and soups. If you are diet conscious you can have something from the salad bar. There you have a full range of healthy eating options to choose from like Cobb Salad, Garden Salad, Asada Salad and many others.

If you are feeling empty and plan to eat out with your friends, then you can visit Keegan’s Sandwiches and Burger Corner. Select from The Irish Club Sandwich and Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich which are both worth trying. Keegan’s also has other specialities to try like Chicken Taquitos, Jambalaya, and Cheese Quesadilla at very affordable rates.

Keegan’s also offers their monthly special deals and discounts. Enjoy watching your favorite sports games in their neat and clean lounge area, play a game of pool on the pool table, sit by the outdoor fire, or have a Birthday-Party booking with Keegan’s. We assure that you won’t regret paying a visit to this awesome place.




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4 Essential Things Every Sports Bar Should Have

A good sports lounge and grill is not only known for its great beer and cute waitresses, but other several things that will help set it apart from other sports bars’. If you are a sports fanatic then you would know the importance of finding ‘the’ sports lounge and grill Torrance, CA. Below are some of the things that your sports bar should have.


Wide selection of local beer

Let’s face it, beer is the most essential thing a sports bar should have as since most customers prefer a cold beer while watching the game. The bar should have a proper beer selection with both American and local favorite beers as well as imported brands. There should also be a good selection for the liquor available.


Tasty bar cuisine

A good sports bar is required to have decent food. This doesn’t mean that it should he five star quality but it should be delicious and fresh. Just like the liquor there should be a good selection of food since chicken wings and burgers are all part of the package.


Large HD screens

The essence of a sports bar  is the ability to watch a game through several large flat screen televisions sets. The more space your bar has the more TV sets it should have. This helps especially when there are several games going on.


Ample location

Most sports bars and grill do amicably well when they are located in the ample place. They should be located where you can easily access them also in a good and safe area. A convenient location can pull in multitudes to the bar.

A good sports lounge and grill is the ultimate place to catch a big game with your buddies and enjoy a good time. If you’re looking for a new experience visit the Keegan Real Irish Pub to enjoy the next game.

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Football Season is Here!

Football Season is Here!

Whether you’re a college ball fan or an avid NFL follower, the season is upon you for your favorite teams to hit the gridiron. Friends and family alike love to gather together to watch their favorite team play and hopefully annihilate the competition. While watching the game at home with friends can be fun, there are those big games you simply want to watch with tons of other people and dine on fabulous food. That is where Keegan’s Sports Bar and Grill comes in.


Multiple TV’s

You’ll find ample opportunity to find your game on with Keegan’s hosting over 30 televisions in the lounge. You can sit on the patio that has recently been renovated or sit inside as you sip on your favorite beer and watch the game to end all games. There’s always multiple games going on and you can choose where you want to watch your favorite.


Delicious Foods

Save yourself the cleanup and cooking of your favorite football food items by going to watch the game at Keegan’s. Here you can get refills on your sodas while you snack on items such as burgers, wings, potato skins and more. There’s even menu options for those who like to eat a little lighter fare such as salads, veggie burgers, and soups. You’ll also find top appetizer items such as fried zucchini, mozzarella sticks, and chips and salsa. Your favorite beer is always flowing as well to keep the party going long after the game is over.


Consider hosting your next party or event at Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill. You can utilize the patio or just gather together inside to watch the big game. Leave the housework for another day and enjoy the fantastic food, fun and atmosphere that’s awaiting you at Keegan’s.

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A Spot You Shouldn’t Miss Out On!

Torrance, California has some beautiful settings around town, and its proximity to downtown LA makes it the perfect setting to get away for the weekend, or even for just a few hours. Whether you want to relax at the beach or want to tour around town, it is a nice place to wind down and enjoy yourself.

However, if you are a sports fan, there is one electric spot you won’t want to miss on your next visit to Torrance. Keegan’s Sports Bar and Pub is not your typical town bar. This sports bar just renovated the place to offer you a beautiful back patio where you will be able to enjoy a pool game, a lounge or even gather around one of the fire pits on a cool night.

If you are there because you want to see a game, you will surely find whatever game you are looking for!  And that’s not all; every night they host a different kind of party, so you can plan your visit to be able to enjoy a live DJ after the game, a Karaoke night or even Live Band night!

With their drink specials available seven days a week, there’s no excuse not to make a pit stop at this bar, and you will find that their menu has anything you might be craving, from typical burgers and wings to salads, soups, sandwiches and an assortment of desserts. (Don’t forget the specialties that include some Mexican dishes.)

They also offer both bottled and draft beer and a variety of drinks suitable for all tastes. Don’t miss out on the chance of a fun night in Torrance; check out their webpage to make a reservation and find out more about this great, local spot that deserves to be scheduled into your plan!


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Tips for a Successful Party at a Pub

Adult parties can be a blast – that is, if you plan everything carefully, from the ambiance to the food, so guests would feel good from the moment they walk into the venue until they step out.  If you’re in Torrance, California, one great place to have your bash is at Keegan Real Irish pub.

A party at a pub is a simple and fun way to celebrate that special day, whether it’s a birthday, a victory party, a corporate get-together, a bachelor’s or bachelorette’s party, and so on.  Here are some things that you need to do:

  • Select a place to host your party. You can do it at home, of course – you can decorate your place, prepare the food, and more – but you can choose a place that has everything set up already like Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill. Be sure to make your reservation in advance.
  • Select the kind of food that you want your guests to enjoy. Since the main attraction is singing, you can have simpler dishes that your guests can partake, such as buffalo wings and taquitos along with grilled salmon or grilled chicken.
  • Don’t forget the draft beer. A good supply of drinks is one of the best ways to keep people talking, having fun, and singing.  Even quiet types like to enjoy their beer on these occasions.
  • Send out invitations and let your guests know what the celebration is about. Let them prepare for a night of singing and fun.

At Keegan Real Irish pub, there are also other ideas that you can have for your party, such as having it by the outdoor fire pits or you can have a pool table challenge.  You can also watch a live band or you can reserve a VIP room so you and your friends can watch your favorite game.  Remember that the best party is one that allows your guests to loosen up and enjoy themselves, so call Keegan’s now for reservations.

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