Top Reasons to try a Pub Crawl

You may have heard the term pub crawl when visiting large cities in the United States, but have no idea what the word means or why you should try it. A pub crawl is when a group of individuals visit pub after pub, enjoying new foods and drinks from the menu. Friends often create pub crawls on their own or take part in one scheduled by particular companies or businesses. You never know what type of pub crawl you will find when visiting a new city.

Themed Pub Crawl

Perhaps one of the most fun ways to enjoy a pub crawl is when there is a theme. From zombie crawls to ghost tours, you will find pub crawls are offered in a variety of ways. When there is a theme, you get to dress up and have fun with friends and family. Try interesting drinks created based on the theme as well as different foods when available.

Trying New Things

The point of a pub crawl is to try new things. You get to see how different bars and pubs are, what they offer and how much fun you could have just visiting. Most people stick to one or two bars they like. Why not try a crawl to find new places to visit? The menu for food and drink will vary from place to place, allowing you to try something new at each stop.

Authentic Pub Experience

A pub is a sort of hole in the wall place, a dive where it’s dark and you can enjoy a beer and food with friends. With a pub crawl, you get the authentic pub experience. An Irish pub is a must and at Keegan Real Irish Pub of Torrance, you get the authentic experience. Try the drinks on the menu and enjoy the homey feel the pub provides.

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Getting the Best Out of a Sports Bar

If you are a lover of sports, good music and quality food, you might want to consider a sports lounge and grill in Torrance, California like Keegan Real Irish Pub. Owned and run by a family, the sports lounge and grill has been in the business since 2001, and has had a good reputation.


When experience speaks volume 

For around 15 years now, Keegan’s has established and maintained a reputation for being the best sports lounge and grill in Torrance. In addition, the bar recently won the Daily Breeze Readers Choice awards for best local bar and best sports bar in 2014.


Meeting the customers’ needs

The sports lounge and grill has recently been remodeled to suit the customers’ needs. If you are the type to enjoy a nice game of pool, then you will be quite comfortable here. An outside pool table was installed so as to provide ample space for pool players. An outside lounge area was also put in place for customers that like to enjoy the air’s freshness while listening to nice music and have a nice meal with friends. In addition, outside fire pits were installed to keep customers warm even during the night. It is the perfect place to watch your favorite game with friends as it is fitted with 35-inch flat-screen TVs.


Special offers- an antidote on cost

Lovers of karaoke would love Keegan’s as they offer karaoke nights on Thursday nights. They also offer happy hour every day of the week when they have some discounts off the entire menu, excluding a few items. Taco Tuesdays is also available. This is where you can get tacos at a much reduce price.  They also provide a range of drink specials every day of the week at very affordable prices.


Visit Keegan Real Irish Pub for a good time with friends. It is the place you can enjoy your favorite drinks and dishes as you watch sports and games.


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Ways to Identify the Irish in Pubs

A large percentage of Irish people like to drink, are musical and they love having sessions down at the club once in awhile. Over the recent years, their image has been somewhat tarnished, and arguably needs much rehabilitation. However, an Irish can easily be spotted in a club because of their outstanding characters.  Most of them frequent the Keegan Real Irish Pub as it provides them with a unique atmosphere and a chance to enjoy a pool table, lounge area, and outdoor fire pits.


An Irish will always be loyal to their drink, foods, and culture. He or she can easily be spotted having a bottle of Guinness, Irish whiskey, and a cup of chamomile tea or Irish coffee. For centuries, Ireland has produced these beverages and are distributed throughout the world; hence, any Irish located anywhere in the world can still enjoy. An Irish night is not complete without some spuds on the table. At the end of the session, you’re sure to spot an Irish ordering some fries, or some baked, mashed or boiled potatoes.


Whether people in the pub are discussing religion, politics, or sports teams, you will always find an Irish arguing the facts and beliefs passionately. You will also observe strong convictions in their voice. When it comes to music, they dance to it ardently, and the gift of playing a music instrument is in their blood. It is very rare for an Irish to resist tapping his or her toe or strumming their finger on the table when someone plays a tune.


The lovely skin and pleasing features of the  Irish are always accompanied by a friendly face. Once they meet with anyone in the club, they genuinely smile in a friendly way and say hello even to a stranger. You can also observe that their eyes are always bright, and they light up their face upon meeting face-to-face with anyone.


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Ways in Which Keegan Real Irish Pub Differ From Conventional Pubs.

Once in awhile, everyone needs some time off and a night out drinking with families, workmates and friends. Drinking in Ireland is considered a ritualistic alternative to real life and not a past convivial time. The drinking patterns have their roots in ancient history, whereby, drinking to intoxication was used to make a difference between life and death. Additionally, Irish drinking habits are explained as an experience of spiritual placebo as well as a fumble for eternity. Keegan Real Irish Pub gives the ultimate Irish experience, hard to find elsewhere.

The Irish beverages

Most of the Irish-American pubs are widely regarded as places of Irish culture and cuisines. With some of the world leading brands claiming Irish origin, the club offers a broad range of Irish whiskeys, wines, and beer. The most common are Bailey’s, Jameson and the famous Guinness stout that you cannot miss on your visit.

Welcoming Atmosphere

The most important culture that defines an authentic Irish Pub is a low-key, warm and inviting atmosphere. The bartenders are friendly and even engage in life decision talks with a few people at the bar when they get a slight chance. Sometimes, an Irish pub would feel like your standard living room as there is no judgment and no discrimination. You will also experience the occasional song, band or local entertainment, giving you a chance to lay back and relax.

Irish decoration and furniture

The easiest way to identify an Irish pub from inside is through the traditional decorations and Irish furniture. Most of the drawings on the wall must have an Irish meaning. The most common furniture design was the circular stools and tables. Keegan Real Irish Pub has merged the Irish heritage with the modern features that creates a modern Irish environment. On your entrance, all the characteristics, and the band is set to make you feel Irish during your stay.


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The Perfect Combination of Sports and Good Food

Are you from Torrance or plan on visiting soon? You might be looking for a place to grab a bite and maybe even watch some games while you’re at it. There are a number of sports bars in the area you can look into, depending on what you’re craving.

Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill has just remodeled its back patio so even if you are familiar with the place, you will not want to miss this. You can enjoy their pool table, lounge area and outdoor fire pits with friends, your partner or even family.

They have 35-HD TVs situated all around the bar so that you won’t miss a single second of the game you are looking forward to. They have live band music on Fridays and Saturdays from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., followed by DJ’s from 10:30 p.m. to close.

Not a fan of sports? Don’t give up on them just yet. They might have something for you too. On Wednesdays and Thursdays they offer Karaoke Nights from 8:30 p.m. to close and they have Drink Specials every day of the week.

With its reputation for being the best sports bar in Torrance, they recently won the Daily Breeze’s 2014 Reader’s Choice Award Best Sports Bar and Best Local’s Bar.  Their menu offers a wide variety of beers, delicious appetizers, soups, salad, some lighter options, sandwiches, burgers, specialties, you name it!

They constantly host special events such as Hot Summer Nights and St. Patrick’s Day, and you can sign up to their VIP mailing list to make sure you hear about the latest specials on time to be there. They will even help you out if you want to have an event in the bar, whether it is a birthday party, a bachelor or bachelorette party, or even a corporate event.

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Hosting Tips for Just About Any Party

Whether it’s a corporate event, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a birthday party or any other kind of party, a sports bar can provide the best venue and atmosphere for hosting. Having won awards for our excellence in hospitality coupled with our recent remodeling, you can host your party at Keegan Real Irish Pub, Torrance CA. Below are some tips on how you can give your party that extra edge.


Adequate and timely preparation

To host a great party, it is important to not only prepare well, but also do that in advance. One of the key things to do is of course make the guest list and send out the invites early enough. The other major thing you have to prepare for is making booking arrangements for the venue you have chosen.


Hype it up

Once you have sent out the invites, you want the guests to attend your party and not make other plans unless they absolutely have to. One way to ensure that they make your party the priority is by building excitement. You can do this on social media, through text messages or emails, and even when you meet them face to face. If you keep your party at the top of their minds, they will have little excuse not to attend.


Conversation starters

Once you have done the job of getting your guests through the door, you want them to enjoy their time there. One way to ensure that they don’t suffer uncomfortable silences, especially if they have not previously been acquainted with each other, is to generate a theme for the party. Themes will not only serve their primary purpose but also act as icebreakers.

Besides, hosting your party at a hired venue will ensure you have enough room for all your guests. It’s also stress-free. Keegan Real Irish Pub will not only provide you with a venue but also handle all the catering needs leaving you to enjoy the party as much as your guests.



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